'Impeccable performance.'  -  R.Beegle, Fanfare IV (US) 2012 

'Benjamin Martin, at 26, is probably the finest pianist to come from Victoria. He was the consummate artist: his technique faultless, and his intelligent shaping of the line intensely musical.'  - Michael Easton, The Age



‘Melbourne born pianist Benjamin Martin, featured when The Australian earlier this year identified the best young talent for the new millenium. Martin’s career has been carefully directed and his talent has been able to blossom without the thrust of instant superstardom. The Petrarch Sonnet 123 from the Annees de Pelerinage was a stunning and controlled emotional performance that reached well inside the soul of the music. Martin illuminated the notes with so much detail and thought through the brief and extremely introverted score, moving sympathetically with the music’.
- Jeremy Vincent, The Australian


‘Benjamin Martin joined the ASQ for a fluent and elegant reading of this popular work. He is perhaps our finest chamber music pianist, with an uncanny ability to blend dominance and reticence so that the dynamic always seems right.' - Tristram Cary, The Australian



'Hartmut Lindemann, and his outstanding young partner here, Benjamin Martin, give the finest performance of the wonderful Bax Sonata to have been put on record since the composer’s own rendering with Lionel Tertis.' - Tully Potter, The Strad



'The recital seemed an act of profound communion between pianist and composer- a rare phenomenon and all the more to be cherished for that.'
- Neville Cohn, Keyed Up Series 2006


‘Martin is a serious musician and a serious talent.' -  Peter McCallum, The Sydney Morning Herald



'There were similar elements to be enjoyed through Benjamin Martin’s appearance in the Beethoven Piano Concerto #3. This young man obviously has a prodigious and precocious talent at the keyboard. His technical skill abounded through the work’s display passages and his ability to shade the music shone through time and again.'  - Jeremy Vincent, Review for performance with The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, - The Australian


‘The ASQ was effectively assured in the Schumann Quintet but the real palm for this fine performance should go to pianist Benjamin Martin’.
 - Raymond Chapman Smith 



‘Every bar sounded fresh and alive; the great duet moments between horn and piano were distinguished by an inspired sense of the poetry of the writing, and the marvellous piano opening to the first movement cadenza, which can too often find the soloist going through self-conscious motions of improvisation, assumed, in Martin’s playing, a real rhapsodic and haunting fluency. It sounded as if the music was actually taking shape under his hands.' - Michael Morley, Review of Greig Concerto with Adelaide Symphony Orchestra 


‘A distinctive choice...the pieces were cast in an arresting pan-modernist style.’  - New York Times, Review of Three Portrait-Etudes 


'Expertly crafted for the piano.'  - Newsday, Three Portrait-Etudes

'An individual vocabulary that fuses plain and complex.'  - Clive O'Connell, Review for Fanfares, The Age


'Complex but accessible ideas finely structured.'  -  Peter Donnelly, review for The Carousel, The Mercury

‘He is, to be frank, one of the best talents we have had at the Juilliard for many years.’  -  John Browning


‘Mr Martin is one of the finest musical talents of his generation.'  -  David Dubal, author of The Art of the Piano