Limelight Article: The Tick-Tock Principle, issued July 2017

Why when a clock goes tick-tock do we hear tock-tick? An investigation of a trick into the mind throw up some surprising results. 

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Limelight Magazine Article: The Tingle Factor, issued 2016.

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CutCommon Article: 

The Sound of Snowflakes, 2015

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CutCommon Article: 

Blobs and the Death of Classical Music, 2015

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CutCommon Article: 

Discover: The Mysteries of Bach, January 16th 2015.

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CutCommon Interview by Gabrielle Ruttico & Stephanie Eslake, 2014.

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Limelight Magazine Article:

The Idea of Perfection, issued August 2014

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Limelight Magazine:

Preview for Premiere of Trinitas & Remembering Taubman, issued October 2013.

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Extracted Interview:  'Australian Pianists' by Martin Comte. (2010)

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